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Art of Nik:

Art of Nik is dedicated to bring you the latest on the paintings and art works painted by digital artist Nik. Nikhil Bijai, more popularly known by his alias 'Nik', started about digital painting only recently when one of his friends lent him a Genius Tablet. It was not definitely much, but with the tablet he began trying out some sketches in Photoshop. Initially he had not much luck with art on the computer, but things began to change as he kept his intent strong.

Nik had a creative eye for art ever since he could remember. He has unusual sketching skills. His art works included everyday objects that he may come across. Every now and then you could find him drawing away to glory with his ball point pen or 4 HB Pencil. He never really tried his hand on real painting. More so because his past and present academic backgrounds had not provided him enough time to do so. But when he got this Tablet, he started playing around with it and discovered he had a little talent for digital painting art works with the help of Photoshop.
No sooner did he get the hang of it; Nik started making out some decent art works. He started out with some Space Arts where he started playing around with star fields, planets and celestial objects. Photoshop has helped Nik coming a long way in his art.

Nik is a novice Digital Artist and aims to make it huge in the digital painting segment of the industry. Nik has not undergone any professional fine art courses, but that didn't stop him to take out a pencil and start sketching. As soon as he got in some art works under his belt, he wanted the world to know it. What better way than to set up a blog!

Thus he came up with 'art of Nik' to provide his friends and everybody else a blog where they can check up what is the latest from their very own digital artist Nik! Nik is highly inspired from Ubisoft Concept Artists that is the source of his motivation and dedication!
We at Art of Nik are thankful for you feedback and comments. Those continually help Nik to grow into a better Digital Artist. Nik himself shall be updating the ‘art of Nik’ as he comes up with new artworks. He has planned this to be initially on a weekly basis.

Sit back, and have a pleasant time going through all the art works in art of Nik!


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