The Boat - Painting and Sketch

Life on a boat

“What do you do every night till four o’ clock in the morning?”
bellows my mom at me, even before I would open up my sleep deprived eyes. “What on earth is wrong with you?!”. Friends, at this moment I would, with all my heart, like to jabber back with something like “I Was doing something you didn’t lemme do years ago ma!” or even “Had I been allowed to take up fine-arts, I’d be a really fine artist by now and not grinding in the depths of a GIS Company that is remotely what I had planned to work in during my entire life time.” But mind you, that’s not the best of ideas, whilst even muttering “I was working mom…” could mean she could categorically worsen your day, so much so, that you'll be lost in an abyss with shrill voices ranging from scoring utterly bad in CET to following good old friend Pratik Pai to wait for another year for MBA or to even do MBA, for that matter.

Yet, I’ve learnt to love my work, and also learnt to live with the constant disappointed comments emanating at an accelerating frequency form my parents. Each day teaches you something, only if you allow it to… and I’ve started to utilize the most of it.. for most part, life sucks away my time. Coming back to the matter under discussion: the boat” painting. Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, after a long time, a decent work of art right from the studios of artofnik! Please give way.. to.. “The Boat!”

boat sketch painting

Would it be a crime not to mention that the painting The boatis heavily inspired from a photograph? Yes indeed. It is one of those rare instances where the photograph itself provokes the artist to paint. Fish boats from the serene Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India. Perhaps the only place in India where water is bluer than the sky. Yes, it is heaven that I talk about. “Your painting is improving!” said Kiran Kumar first on viewing this piece of art. Well, thanks Kiran for your impeccable support!

Pssst… More on “The Boat”:

I was inspired from an old photograph lying around from my 2009 visit to the Greater Andaman. On my way back from Havelock Island (situated north east side of Andaman), there was this lonesome fish boat tied to a creaky yet sturdy ferry bridge that caught my eye. The sun was gleaming and at its prime. The lone boat in contrast to the blue green waters provoked me to get the hues on paper, or more specifically the Photoshop Canvas. Running into a million shades the waters of the Greater Andaman have a mysterious energy altogether. The various patterns and the sky and the water uniting in the distant horizon makes your eyes glow with wonder yet the divine serenity is not lost by the hanging palm groves. Yes. I miss them dearly.

Art, painting, and life:

At a time when Ramdev Baba seems to die out of hunger striking, the Lok Pal is in a mess, or even when the worlds judgments tips on the slightest murmurs insane men like David Headley, painting is what I resort to, to get away from the oohs and aahs of this hypocritical world. Painting helps to, other than developing our left brain (as enlightened from the interviewer at JBIMS for my CET PI rounds), relieve the pressure from my head. What is freedom of speech to the press, is painting to me. The canvas lies there with endless possibilities. And you are the master to paint it at your will and whim. Accuracy is not important. Never. The image in the mind replicated on the canvas is more so.

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Till then, keep singin' the sailor song! Also here's another ship i had painted long ago.


-Nikhil Bijai


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