Save mother earth

Hi fellas,

While the world is drowning here with torrential rains here in Mumbai, I find it apt and obscenely peaceful to take that stylus out of it's scabbard. The downpour hasn't reduced to the least, but well, this is Mumbai. We have had our 26th Julys and our 26/11s. We crawl and wade through waters, and swim at the worst. The traffic is even worse.

Though the Indian traffic police is time and again blamed for their incompetency, Isn't the government required to make sure that the men in their city save hours by building better infrastructure and improved quality of roads?

Here we go with today's doodle, painting, sketch, digital art, whatever you might say! Ther you go, mother earth..

save mother earth

This one is from my inner thoughts to our planet. how badly we are screwing it up.
Being more of a nature lover, I always wonder why do people never think twice before sucking up the planet dry? just imagine if you were mortified into a statue, and a million mosquitoes come and suck all the blood from you, while you still live and see it, the best part is, the mosquitoes live on you! and despite knowing, that once all your blood is gone, they still suck it merrily! That's what we're doing to mother earth.

It'll be trying times for our generations to come, but you can help. Contribute. Bring back something to the world today.

Take power in your own hands. Live freely, breath nature.

Nikhil Bijai


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