Terra Sanctuaire

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About Terra Sanctuaire (Space Art)

This is one of my earliest digital paintings and undoubtedly my very first Space Art. The approach to this particular genre of painting is quite different compared to the most other forms of digital paintings. Notably because the technique for this form of art relies mostly upon powerful tools of Adobe Photoshop that help you create a lot of Space stuff with relative ease. Although, a deep eye for composition is required, it is still relatively different from the precision required while sketching portraits.

The Making of Terra Sanctuaire

Thus, for Terra Sanctuaire here, I began with making a good looking star field. You’ll be surprised to learn how fast you can make great star fields in Adobe Photoshop in a matter of minutes. Just by following a couple of digital painting tutorials such as Greg Martin’s creating a star field tutorial. My very first star field was ready, complete with stupendous and real looking halos, celestial glows and space dust. This lively star field formed the very base for my first ever space art.

One of the wonderful things about digital painting in Photoshop is that you can re-use each and everything you create every once in a while. This particularly helps a lot in a form of digital painting called matte painting. In this case, the star field I created was used a bit in the rest of my space arts as well. Of course I tweaked and played around with it a bit so that it doesn't look repetitive, but that sure does save a lot of time rather than making the entire star field again. In a way, it gives you more time to focus on the main things you would like to involve in your artwork.

Once the star field was ready, I got about making a planet in mind. I wanted this planet to give a very earthly feel. I wanted something like the earth, but not completely like the real earth. Once again I got about following some planet tutorials. It gave me a nice looking earth like planet having decent atmosphere, earth-like terrain and some huge water bodies. This is when this space art was coming to life. I got in some hues, some nebulae like features to give it a lively look.

I wanted to fit in a theme to this composition. Something like the earth playing the role of a guardian. Thus I got in a moon. Thus there it was, the earth guarding the moon. I got is some more effects, tweaked with the colors and the saturation and lo the Digital Painting is ready, a Space Art ready to be devoured!!

here's a poem that I'd penned down inspired from space artworks from other popular artists.

For downloading the latest trial version of Adobe Photoshop click here.



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